Success Story - Tasman DC

Tasman DC Success Story – Clever Buying™ techniques save money

A new ‘governance gate’ introduced to kick-start the procurement process for water and wastewater projects has saved at least $100k over the past six months. It has driven more consistent, transparent and robust purchasing decisions for water infrastructure construction and maintenance projects at Tasman DC.

Late last year, Council up-skilled its procurement staff in Clever Buying™ methods, prompting a review of tender processes. Recent tenders include a $2m water tank and $700k floating wetland as part of a wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

Tasman DC now appoints all of the evaluation team well before the RFT is released, so that they fully understand the project and can tailor their evaluation to get what they want.

Careful review of specifications, drawings, and tender documents gives confidence that the RFT is clear, consistent, 100% relevant to the project, and error- free.

A risk review identifies and prioritises the factors that will drive success on each project, relative to the price.

Armed with this information, evaluators then:

  1. Choose the evaluation method that’s best suited to the scope and risk of the project
  2. Decide on evaluation criteria and contract-specific questions to differentiate the bidders
  3. Agree the tender period
  4. Agree the quality premium that Council is prepared to pay.

Through these reforms, Tasman DC now enjoys much easier evaluations as well as healthy, competitive pricing.

Evaluation time has dropped by at least 20% with far greater consistency, transparency and confidence in tender evaluation decisions. If you would like to know more about this Gateway process, please contact Caroline Boot at Clever Buying or Russell McGuigan at Tasman DC.