Registration for Assessment

Procurement Training 

Note - If you register for assessment by filling in the form below, we will send out materials to get you started on your NZQA Qualification right away. Some face to face courses have been postponed due to lockdown, but we are running tutorials instead so all NZQA students can keep working on their qualification.


Please complete the form below if you wish to apply for fully funded NZQA Level 6 Procurement training and assessment through the Clever Buying programme. This involves five work-based procurement assignments, plus attendance at a two-day Clever Buying course, in the first few months. Typical timeframe is 6-18 months.

Your form will be automatically forwarded to Connexis ITO, who will then be in touch to enrol you for this NZQA Qualification through a Training Agreement.

To find out more or inquire about an in-house courses (minimum eight people - at your venue), please click here.

NOTE: If you only want to undertake the two-day training course and NOT follow up on the assignments for the NZQA qualification, your training will cost you or your organisation $1400 plus GST. In that case, please click here.

For fully government-funded NZQA Level 6 Procurement training and assessment, please complete the fields below. Please note the commitments you are making by completing this form. You will also need to upload a scan of your photo ID.

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Please read carefully the commitments and requirements for this qualification below.

Note that by completing this form, you are committing to training and assessment (through work-based procurement assignments) for the next 6 - 18 months (typically).

You must agree to these conditions to be eligible for registration for this fully funded NZQA qualification.

  • Completion of 5 workplace-based practical procurement assignments with at least one deliverable every three months
  • Completed inputs and outputs of the Clever Buying Course – including Clever Buying Workbook, Procurement Plan and Response Form
  • Professional Discussions (interviews via video )
  • IN the first 3-4 months, I will attend a two-day block course, valued at $1400 + GST. Additional assessment of this qualification typically is valued between $1800 - $3000 + GST, depending on the level of guidance provided by the assessor.
  • Provided I have a training agreement  and Training Plan with Connexis ITO, these fees will be covered by NZ Government as part of the TTAF fund.
  • If assessment time is likely to exceed this allowance, I will be notified.
  • I agree to pay for any assessor time that exceeds the $3,000 which is government-funded.