Procurement Planning and RFx Development

How should we start putting together an RFT document?

Do we get a technical specialist to write it?

How will we make sure that the information we get from bidders will help us choose the best value-for-money supplier?

Many government organisations use standard legacy templates for tender documents, and then find those tools deliver a recommendation that does represent value for money. Moreover, when the tools used are not well designed, tender evaluation is a frustrating, time-consuming, and often very wasteful process. How can you sharpen up your procurement tools so they deliver the optimal decisions for each project.

At Clever Buying, we’ve developed procurement planning tools that focus on cost-efficient, targeted identification of the best supplier for your contract. Using these tools enables us to:

  1. Eliminate unsuitable suppliers early in the process
  2. Identify what supplier attributes will drive best value-for money
  3. Determine and test appropriate price and attribute weightings relative to the risks and complexity of the project
  4. Establish scoring scales and expected objective standards that reduce evaluation time and costs, while delivering defensible, objective decisions
  5. Identify targeted questions that cut to the chase on the important drivers for value
  6. Design effective response templates that assist both respondents and evaluators in providing the evidence needed to score tenders

Our team can provide procurement support to help your procurement staff use these tools, or undertake the full process of planning and developing your procurement tools.

Where applicable, we use and adapt existing tools such as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise’s standard templates.

And because we have a proven process to plan procurement exercises and we can scale it for small as well as large projects, you’ll find the costs of our involvement surprisingly modest.

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