Probity Auditing

Are your tender evaluators fully trained in Government Principles of Procurement and Rules of Sourcing?

Do they understand why more and more government organisations and Councils are being challenged on their tendering processes?

If you want to avoid the risks of high profile legal challenges or embarrassing audit reports; or make sure your tendering processes will survive the ‘bright light’ test, then our team at Clever Buying can help.

Recent court decisions have shown that tendering is a specialised field – not every lawyer or ‘big box’ consultant can guarantee familiarity with what’s OK and what’s not OK in the context of procurement.

Effective probity reviews are about:

  • Thorough understanding of procurement processes and scoring systems
  • Knowing how alternative tenders, formal and informal communications and clarifications
  • Detailed checks for compliance with the mandatory Government Five Principles of Procurement and the applicable Rules of Sourcing introduced in the last three years.
  • Effective strategies for dealing with conflicts of interest

An effective probity auditor needs to be an expert in the legal and ethical issues faced by procurement planners and tender evaluation teams.

The Probity Auditing process we have developed at Clever Buying™ covers everything required by NZ government; and has been developed with reference to all the recent legal cases involving tendering.

But – here’s the surprise – because our people have specialised training and tools for audits, and because we’re not charging at the levels of ‘big box’ consultants or lawyers, our services are priced surprisingly reasonably.

What’s more, in the process of those tender probity audits, your procurement staff will learn practices that reduce legal risks as well as speeding up evaluations and providing more robust, objective and defensible solutions.

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