NEW procurement planning template

A brilliant new planning tool that adds smarts to tender evaluation and strips out cost

While all you sensible people were enjoying the long-hot summer with days at the beach, our crackpot Clever Buying enthusiasts were chomping into a new and exciting project.

And (ta-dah!) we’re proud to launch our new procurement planning template, designed to guide your tender planning, so you can develop outstanding RFTs. In less time, at less cost, with less hassle, and with far greater certainty that you’ll get the right decision.

What makes those Clever Buying RFTs outstanding? They’re faster and cheaper to assess, they’re a perfect fit for the contract you’re buying, and they tick all the boxes for transparency, consistency and cost-effectiveness.

The Clever Buying™ Procurement Planning Template has a detailed list of prompt questions which guide the procurement planning process. It channels your knowledge of your contract and your market to lead you to the right decisions on critical areas, such as:

  1. Eliminating unsuitable bidders – as early as possible
  2. Choosing the right evaluation method
  3. Picking (and testing) attribute and price weightings that accurately reflect the risk, opportunity, complexity of the job
  4. Developing targeted questions that will effectively differentiate the bidders, based on what really matters on the project
  5. Using the Clever Buying™ toolbox (anchored scales, response templates, etc.) to speed up and ease assessment decisions, and feed directly into your evaluation reports.

Best of all, the Clever Buying™ Procurement Planning Template gives you a robust framework to cover off the legal and procedural paperwork you need to justify your decision. It’s an incredibly easy tool to use (we tested it on a group of teenagers), and it produces RFTs that tick all of the four boxes of best practice procurement:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Transparent/ fair process
  • Consistent/ impartial
  • Fit-for purpose

To develop this tool, we’ve picked the best bits out of a wide range of sources of procurement expertise. We’ve extensively reviewed international best practice models, and combined them with the fine work that’s been done by MBIE and NZTA in New Zealand.

The result is the most user-friendly, practical, and comprehensive blueprint that we have seen anywhere. And it cuts significant time and cost out of the marking, moderating, and reporting processes that eat into evaluators’ workloads for weeks at tender time!

We’re so excited about the benefits of using this tool, that we’ve revised Day One of the Clever Buying™ course for tender evaluators to include working through procurement planning and RFT development for a range of relevant scenarios.

We’re making the Clever Buying™ Procurement Planning Tool available to all those who have completed the Clever Buying™ course, especially if they are part way through qualification for their National Certificate in Infrastructure Procurement. It’s perfect to give evidence for Unit Standards 18927 on Preparing RFTs.

More importantly, we’re sure that using this tool will make a huge difference to the quality and cost-effectiveness of your procurement processes.

Keen to know more? Contact us at or phone 0800 752 622.