Latest feedback from NZQA Procurement graduates

Congratulations to Neil Daykin Gisborne DC and Andrew Martindale, WSP-Opus

In the past couple of months, Neil Daykin and Andrew Martindale have graduated with their NZQA Level 6 Procurement Qualifications. Both are experienced procurement professionals with several years’ experience in their sectors – but Andrew’s procurements have mainly been in the roading sector, while Neil’s involved a range of different contexts including stopbanks, condition assessments for critical assets, and Tsunami evacuation areas.

They had some advice for those who are working through or considering getting this qualification.

Both these graduates acknowledged that the methods of assessment, through a balance of training via Skype as well as the Clever Buying workshop, written and verbal feedback on their on-job and retrospective tender evaluations, and professional discussions worked well for them.

It allowed them to build their skills over a series of procurement tasks undertaken over a period of several months, including some scenario-based exercises and some chosen from their day-to-day work. The prompt feedback and constructive comments were particularly useful in honing their skills within the context of live projects.

Moreover, this method provided a means to challenge (and most often confirm) current practice, as well as open up new and more effective ways to manage procurement processes in ways that drive greater cost-efficiency for both client procurement teams and their suppliers.

Both commented that opportunities for involvement in suitable live procurement projects can be a constraint to achieving the qualification, but the availability of scenarios for some of the activities of procurement planning and RFx development was a tidy and effective way of developing and demonstrating competence in these areas.

For Andrew, a “light bulb moment” was the recognition of the benefits of customising the standard NZTA templates that he was used to using. He also found it valuable to use the government’s templates for a scenario exercise, which gave insight into their wide application for different procurement contexts.

Neil has found the process of working through the qualification alongside several colleagues particularly valuable, as they have been able to reinforce each other’s learning, and in the process have embedded new and more efficient procurement processes across their department in Council. The simpler, more user-friendly formats used for RFT documents and Response templates also led to very positive feedback and greater participation from their suppliers in tendering processes.

For further information or feedback about the NZQA Procurement qualification, please download a flier or contact us