Graham McIlroy

Qualified Tender Evaluator and NZQA Procurement Assessor
BE (Civil) (1st class hons), NZCE(Civil), BApplSc (Ag)

Graham is a civil engineering practitioner with a 30-year broad base of multi-disciplinary design, design and project management, procurement and contract administration experience.

In his current role as Otago regional manager with an engineering consultancy firm in Dunedin, he is Engineer to Contract on numerous municipal and private infrastructure contracts.

Graham also provides procurement planning, RFx documentation and advice for client projects leading on from design development.

This covers a diverse range of client projects from commercial developments, infrastructure, buildings and maintenance contracts. Graham also submits on professional services tenders so has exposure both as a writer of, and responder to, many tenders. As an NZQA Qualified Tender Evaluator, Graham is often the Tender Evaluation Team leader when assessing tender submissions and gives advice to clients on procurement strategies.

This experience provides Graham with an extensive professional basis to bring to working closely to guide candidates in their progression towards achieving their NZQA Level 6 Procurement Qualification.

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