Enquire about an in-house course

Please complete this form if you are interested in organising an in-house course. You'll need:

  1. To under-write course fees for at least eight participants (names and emails needed around three weeks prior to the course)
  2. To provide a training venue that can provide table seating for around 20 people for two days
  3. To arrange refreshments for participants
  4. To cover disbursements for travel and accommodation for the facilitator

We'll also advertise the course to include others in your area who would like to join - this is important as the input from a range of organisations is an essential ingredient of the course learning!

To secure the booking, we'll require you to pay a deposit tor the first eight students (in main centres) or ten students (in regional cities/ towns) at $1400 per person plus GST. This should be paid at least a month prior to the course.

You'll be able to apply for a refund out of that deposit after the course for that $1400 fee, for the students sourced by you who:

  • were fully registered for the NZQA Level 6 Procurement Qualification with Connexis, prior to the course and
  • who submit their completed course materials after the course.

You will need to process their Training Agreements with Connexis ITO so they are fully enrolled in the qualification with a Training Plan issued, at least two weeks prior to the course.

If you indicate your preferred location and dates below, we'll then get in contact to flesh out the details.

Where and when would you like an in-house customised course for your organisation?
You'll need a minimum of eight internal participants, up to 20.