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What do the new NZ Government Procurement Rules mean for you?

How to spot a flawed RFT fast!

What should a Probity Auditor do?

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SQP25 – a new tool to select the right premium for quality

Five top tips for setting weights with SQP25 

A new method for addressing our procurement constraints

FIVE hallmarks of great tender documents

Top Tips to become a 'client of choice'

Procurement Fitness Test: How do you shape up?

Procurement mentoring – a winning formula

Let's Put an End to the Procurement Blame Game

Should our Big Spenders be Qualified?

Why Tender Evaluator Qualifications are like Driving Licences … 100 years ago!

Innovations in scoring tenders

Paying the right premium for quality

Value for Money: it's about HOW we buy, (not just WHAT we buy)!

Catch 22: the LPC vortex undermining some Councils' budgets

Managing conflicts of interest

Your four best tools for world-class procurement

Procurement for sustainable outcomes (a brief summary)

Balanced decision-making - What does this mean for procurement professionals?
Five legal pitfalls every procurement professional should know about (and how to avoid them!)

Why 70:30 PQM is money down the drain!

Which procurement qualification is right for us? Everything you need to know to get your ticket…

Why the government’s model RFx Templates are brilliant! (And what you need to know to use them most effectively)

NEW Procurement Planning Template

Clever Buying: Tendering tools that work (and some that don't!)

Faster, Easer, Clearer Scoring - Anchored Scales

Tasman DC Success Story - Clever Buying™ techniques save money 

A Template for Track Record Interviews

All Roads lead to Rome: Global procurement trends all converge on Clever Buying™ principles

What Evaluation Method Should I Use? A checklist for practitioners

Update on Tender Evaluator Qualification review

What the latest judgement on unfair tendering means for procurement practice

Can I Favour Local Suppliers in my Tender Evaluations?

Tender evaluation red flags: Is 70:30 PQM wasting your procurement budget?