Advanced Procurement Planning

Who's it for?

This course is particularly valuable for experienced evaluators, or those who completed the Clever Buying course more than a year ago.

There are many common examples from Councils where the evaluation process is flawed.
For example:

  • The wrong evaluation methods are used (waste time, drive good suppliers away, and don’t deliver value for money)
  • Attributes and questions were not well aligned with drivers for Value for Money
  • No robust risk analysis used to drive selection of attributes and weights
  • The generic scoring system used widely is often loosely defined and therefore subjective, and resulted in variable scoring, as well as consequent additional time and difficulty in moderation.

The results have demonstrated that poor planning results in time waste and poor procurement decisions. This highlights the importance of better planning, involving quantified risk analysis.

The course is activity-focused. It takes a scenario project and works through key elements of procurement planning, with particular focus on risk and opportunity (Broader Outcomes) analysis. From the outputs of that exercise, participants see the importance of tailoring the attributes and questions to the drivers for Value for Money (rather than recycling legacy documents). They also learn how to effectively set attribute weightings correctly (taking the guesswork out of this process); and how to develop efficient scoring guidelines (Evaluation Plans).

The learning out of this is a blueprint for effective procurement planning that takes huge time and risk out of the tender evaluation process, adding robustness and user-friendly procurement tools to attract the best suppliers.


  • 5-6 hours

Indicative costs:

  • From $5,000+GST for an in-house course (POA)
  • Disbursements (travel, etc) not included.
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Payment and Refunds Policy: Payment is required before the course. We allow a full refund if you cancel more than a month before the course; or a 50% refund or a transfer if you cancel between a month and a week before the course date. Unfortunately, we cannot generally provide refunds for cancellations within a week before the course. A transfer to another course may be possible if a cancellation is received within a week of a course, however additional charges may be needed to recover venue and catering costs already incurred.