Update on NZQA Procurement Qualification

The Level 6 NZ Certificate in Infrastructure (Procurement Procedures) is the qualification that was previously known as the CPP or NZTA Qualified evaluator qualification. It's the benchmark for practical, NZQA - certified procurement qualifications and it's specifically designed for government procurement professionals.

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What’s the difference? Some key changes include:

  • The new version (NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Procurement Procedures) now applies to all of infrastructure, not just transport – so it’s a far more useful and wide-ranging qualification than the old one. The skills which are taught and assessed actually apply to all complex procurement, going well beyond infrastructure.
  • The new version of the NZQA Procurement Qualification still has four unit standards, but they are now all mandatory.
  • The Government’s Rules of Sourcing are now a key part of the knowledge that’s needed.
  • There’s a stronger focus on effective procurement planning.
  • The NZQA Level Six assessment allows candidates to work on scenario-based examples for part of their qualification. This recognises that candidates don’t always have the opportunity to demonstrate best practice tendering in their workplaces on a large number of examples. It also provides more reliable evidence of individual competence than previous mechanisms, which often relied on documents produced jointly rather than by an individual.

These changes have resulted in the new version of the qualification being far more useful and relevant than the old version.

The qualification will still be mandatory for one member of the Tender evaluation team for significant projects funded by the NZ Transport Agency. Because it’s the only NZQA qualification aimed specifically at practical procurement through tenders, it will also be a valid and highly respected qualification for a wide range of industries into the future.

We are working with Government Procurement (MBIE) personnel and other government groups to raise awareness of the value of the qualification across all of government procurement; and we hope to make more headway this year.

We now have more than 60 procurement professionals registered for the NZQA Procurement qualification with Clever Buying; and they are already making good headway through their Unit Standards. The first three people have graduated with the new version of the qualification, and have provided excellent feedback on the value of their journey through achieving this qualification.

Note: If you’re one of the people currently working through your NZQA Procurement qualification, please note that the assessment fees have been paid on an annual basis. This means that if you take longer than a year to complete your qualification, additional assessment fees will apply. It’s a great reason to keep up momentum on your assignments!

If you have questions about your progress through the qualification, or you would like to know more about getting qualified, please contact us.